This Book will help you ... in depth what acting is all about, why acting is a ... to minister people and the required professional aspect for you to be excellent in your delivery.


This book is a resourceful material that explores the journey of fatherhood. What leads to the decision of young boys stabbing each other instead of pursuing a bright future ahead of them ? Do they really know the result of their actions and if they know why do they pursue that path ?


This Book is based on what the drama ministry is all about, who a drama ministry is, and what needs to be in a place before ministration to people on stage. We are looking into practical issues in the ministry ans how to solve it by the help of God. I recommend this book for all KINGDOM ACTORS to read and be blessed.


This Book contains important information that will surely hep every talented individual to know their value and why God has giving them those talents.


This book is must have for every individual who is ether married or planing to get married.


This book is must have for every individual who is ether married or planing to get married. The Book includes +500 PRAYER POINTS.





Segun Ajala is the Founder and President of Chosen Generation Drama Ministry and Kingdom Actors Institute.
He was born in Nigerian and now resides in the UK, with his wife and children.

He believes strongly in Education and that ‘Knowledge is Power’ He himself has been awarded a BSc. in Economics Education (Nigeria), PGD in Strategic Management and Leadership (UK), The Business of film in The Open University (UK). as well as completing courses in “Exploring Film Making” in the National and Television School (UK).

As an individual he enjoys enjoys writing and telling a story with great imagination, He has been writing scripts since 2008 for different stage dramas in different churches and organisations to pass a message, develop talent and use both his writing and acting skills to speak for the people that do not have a voice in the community.

His passion led him to seek greater levels of professionalism and seek more knowledge in drama and film, He started his journey in 2008 by stage acting and script writing.
Mr. Segun Ajala is a man of many skill and talents; He is an Actor, Screen Writer, Play Writer, Producer, Writer and Film Maker and stands as the Director of CGDM GLOBAL a Film and Theatre ministry registered organisation in the United Kingdom, India, Gambia and Nigeria.

In 2012, Segun Ajala launched and founded KAI, Kingdom Actors Institute which is a growing institution established to train actors, producers, filmmakers and directors to a good standard professionally and globally. This mobile training institution has produced more than 1000 students in the United Kingdom, India, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Gambia.
In addition, the Kingdom Actors Production was birthed and has released the following movies “Willing” (Feature film), “One Step” (Short film) and “Interrogator” (Short Film) and these movies have independently toured around different continents.

He has also pioneered the Design4Act a subsidiary of CGDM GLOBALE, it is a professional costume and props provider outlet that lends support in design, buying, renting and offering professional advice on film and theatre production.

Segun Ajala is the Chief publisher of Face of God magazine, a yearly magazine that promotes the journey of acting and filmmaking. The Magazine empowers many to follow their dream and be a blessing to the world at large.
CGDM GLOBALE also has a publishing company where all his books are produced and also help people to produce their own books, we have published 7 books to the glory of God.

As a result of his experience, along with his love of reading and documenting real life situations the following books have been published; “Before the curtain falls”, “fundamental prayers before marriage”, “Absence of a Father in the 21st century”, “Talent Management”, “Friendship, Courtship and marriage” and “Acting ministry”

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