When FAILURE hits hard on the journey of your vision

Looking into the journey of life,failure is part of the journey to be successful in life. Many see failure as an opportunity while many see it as an obstacle to where they are going.

5 things failure affects in your destiny.

  1. It affects your sense of feeling about your worth:

When failure hits you at the point of great expectation you feel nothing good is coming from you. Peter felt like that when he toiled all night and no fish in his net with his professional experience. His sense of professionalism and experience hit with failure and he lost his worth; when Jesus asked him to put the net in again, he told Jesus I have tried all night and caught nothing but I will if you say so.

After that obedience you can imagine how proud he will be when the net is overflowing. His worth was restored and he was bold enough to call a collegue to help out.

  1. It affects your sense of Sight:

Failure affects what you see, it brings fear into your sight and you may end up not seeing clearer or not seeing success at all. Failure hit Sarah so much that she told the angel that she can’t be pregnant anymore, she can’t see that happening due to record of failure to have a child but after God cleaned up failure from her sight then she ended up recording success.

  1. It affect how you touch and approach new projects:

You can easily sense someone’s failure by the way they touch projects and approach it because the fellow already finalize it will end up in the same way. The man beside the pool of Bethesda for 38 years being a failure to launch in that means He is loaded with fear and excuses of the past in launching out to the pool but one day failure came to an end and he recieved His healing.

  1. It affects your sense of smelling success in your life and other people’s life:

Failure may have affected you badly that you have written off what you think about being successful, you can’t even smell success or fight for it to happen.

  1. Failure can affect your sense of belonging:

Many people have lost sense of belonging to the place that they deserve to be, failure makes them loose their birth right because they¬† failed they end up thinking they don’t deserve to own the car, house, business, even lead¬† that they know God is leading. Mepheboseth is stinking in failure to the extent that he qualify himself as a dead dog even when he deserves to be at the palace but then book of remembrance was opened for him because God knows that he is worthy to be in the palace and make successful decisions that will liberate others.

Prayer point

Father I thank You for your word this morning,oh Lord I ask that you help me to withstand every limitations brought my way as a result of failure in Jesus name Amen

CGDM Globale


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