What is Theatre Production ?

Theatre production

CGDM theatrical production is any work of theatre, such as a staged play, musical, comedy or drama produced from a written book or script. Our branch come with theatre production once a year in different branch outside many stage productions in churches and organisation.

Film Production

CGDM have team that produce play and movie, we also help other ministry to produce movies that is quality and message oriented.


CGDM organise a retreat tag “ Away with Drama Ministers” that help us to refresh spiritually and professionally which many have shared testimony concerning it.


We started CGDM mission in 2015 officially as a ministry outside our private heart of giving in our little way.

We believe that affecting life is beyond spirituality, we need to cater for physical needs as well. We embark on training people in drama ministry and giving them clothes, shoes, bags, food and sponsorship for academic and creative development.

I will like to share two amazing stories, an 11 years old girl in India that was living with her uncle unfortunately due to poverty wanted her to be prostituting to feed them. On our mission to India we came across the girl and we took over by changing her school and sending feeding money to her.

Our last mission to Sierra Leone during our empowerment program had 400 people in attendance, I saw a lady that was depressed, not settled and could not concentrate. I walked to her to ask why she is unable to concentrate and she burst into tears. She said her step father sent her mum and siblings out of the house and she can’t take care of her siblings. I asked her what she can do that can alleviate the situation, she said she is a hair stylist and it will take a one-year course costing $50 dollars with instruments. We managed to pay for her school fees.

Street drama Evangelism

CGDM embark on street evangelism by combined street together and begin to minister in drama to be a blessing in the community.

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